Miramichi Literacy Council (MLC) was formed with 23 Charter members in September, 1978...

MLC offers one-on-one, free, confidential tutoring for individuals who need to upgrade their literacy skills.

Volunteer tutors are the heart and soul of MLC.

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Become Volunteer Tutors

Literacy tutors are men and women of all ages from many different backgrounds. These volunteers are committed to helping others improve their reading, writing and basic math skills. We ask our volunteer tutors to commit to working one-to-one with a student for one year for up to four hours a week. Contact us today and become a volunteer tutor!

Success Stories

Testimonials from Our students

  • “I wanted to be able to read to my children, so I got one-on-one help. I was nervous, had butterflies and was very scared but I did it. I can read and write now and I am very proud of this. “I want to say to any adult who has problems reading or they’re scared to go back to school, just do it! How are our children going to learn to read if we can’t?”
    Elaine MalleyElaine Malley