Our History

since 1978

Miramichi Literacy Council (MLC)

  • Was formed with 23 Charter members in September, 1978
  • Has partnered with local libraries in celebration of International Literacy Day and Family Literacy Day Events
  • For the past 32 years MLC has held Basic Tutor-Training Workshops and Writing Workshops
  • In 2006 became a member of Miramichi Partners in Literacy consisting of Miramichi Literacy Council Inc., New Brunswick Libraries, Horizon New Brunswick (hospital), Mango, Community Inclusion Network, and School District 16, to stage community events to raise Literacy awareness in both the English and French languages
  • Has an International Literacy Day Luncheon where all non-profit organizations meet to update everyone on the services they offer.

Our Board Members

Miramichi Literacy Council

Co-Chair: Pat Hegan
Co-Chair: Barbara Lane
Vice President: Bob MacDonald
Past President: Howard Lane
Treasurer: Loraine Cairns
Secretary: Sonja Mahabir
Tutor/Student Coordinator: Pat Hegan
Publicity: Dorothy Creighton
Office Manager: Bob MacDonald