o    Learn to read through the use of recipes
o    Learn numeracy and Math when measuring while cooking/baking
o    Learn to cook with wholesome foods within a budget
o    Learn food security and wellness in the kitchen
o    Learn social skills
o    Prepare menus
o    Prepare a shopping list with minimal supervision, using grocery store flyers to purchase economically.

Food Mentors – Our Instructors are Laubach Literacy tutors and volunteer mentors who have taken certified training in the Food Industry.

o    Cooking class is every Thursday 9:00 am – 1:00 p.m.
o    Menu preparation and grocery shopping for the class is on Wednesday mornings at 10:00 a.m.
o    There are three sessions – the fall, winter and spring

Cooking to Learn helps motivate students to learn their basic reading, writing and math skills using team step by step cooking activities.  The program is designed to provide a “hands-on” approach to increase reading comprehension, vocabulary, problem solving, writing, math and science skills. Working in a kitchen environment as part of a team prepares the student to obtain full or part-time employment in the food service industry.

Job Shadowing - Our Council and Partners search out restaurants where a Cooking to Learn student will shadow one of their employees for four hours a day.  The time line would be five weeks, at two 4 hour shifts a week. An employer weekly progress report will be shared with the student.

The job would include all the different tasks in a professional kitchen.

The time spent will enable the students to be more knowledgeable with the work world and will allow them to add the position on their resume.

Job shadowing, meeting new people and experiencing success will boost student’s self-confidence.

Opportunities for Students – This program’s classes have given job opportunities to nine students – three full-time jobs and six part-time jobs over the last two years.