This is a very sad month for MLC! We are losing 2 very important members from our Board to Ontario. Judy and Jean-Pierre Arnold have been a cornerstone for our Council. If a job needed doing they were always the first people to volunteer. They have manned the office on Wednesdays since we rented it. Miramichi Literacy Council will have a hard time filling the gap left by these generous people.

Judy and Jean-Pierre also started Miramichi Partners in Literacy which now has members from District 16, The English and French Public Libraries, The Hospital, Parle Moi-Talk with Me, Mango, and CIN to name a few.

Judy and Jean-Pierre also volunteered with the Air Cadets, and the Lions Club of Douglastown.

Thank you Judy and Jean-Pierre for all your years of volunteering in our city.

You will be missed!